Love and passion have driven Adjo and Kwesi to start their business. But running a successful company requires some finesse which passion alone might not..

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So they came up with a plan and have decided that your business skills and strategy are what they need in their bid for dominance..

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Take control of their business, share the decisions you’ll take when faced with hash conditions and an even harder market to make a business thrive

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Enterpreneurship WAHALA

University days are almost over and it’s time for “interdependence”. A couple, madly in love with each other and overly passionate about their abilities decide to go all out and open a business. Are they making the right decisions for their business? Sure you’re thinking “I can do better than they are”, but don’t just think it, tell us exactly what you’ll do in their shoes.

Take charge, your story is theirs, and their story has now become yours.

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